Simply Stuart Clarkson Ranges At Born & Bred Artisan Recipe Boxes Online Deli

We are pleased to announce that the Simply Stuart Clarkson ranges are now available to buy from the online deli at Born & Bred.

Enjoying a pint, chatting on a bench at a country pub near their home town of Thirsk, brothers Charles and Geoff struck upon the idea of an artisan recipe box service bringing the very best Yorkshire ingredients to homes across the country.

Our friends and family loved their first box, and with their help and support our fledgling business took off – Born & Bred now delivers farm shop-quality, premium Yorkshire ingredients and recipe cards to people’s homes the length and breadth of the UK, from Aberdeen to Cornwall, and from Ipswich to Wales.

For us, discovering local independent suppliers who are specialists in their field and passionate about their work is a real treat. We are proud to source our ingredients from more than 60 Yorkshire suppliers who grow, rear, catch and hand craft amazing food and drink with great care and dedication. Many of them are local, regional, national and international award-winners.

Over the years, we have learned that mouth-watering chorizo doesn’t only come from Spain, but also from pigs outdoor-reared in the Yorkshire Dales and the Yorkshire Wolds; that we love local Yorkshire Fettle hand crafted in the Vale of York and think it the equal, indeed better, than Feta all the way from Greece; and that Aldo down the road in Thornton-le-Dale making his pasta daily by hand makes tastier, fresher pasta than anything we’ve ever eaten in Italy or bought in a supermarket. Our customers tell us that among the many things they love about our recipe boxes, is that they too have learned so much about the wonderful family of suppliers we work with.

Our Ethos

Delivering artisan recipe boxes has never been just about deli-quality ingredients and inspirational recipes to us – we always knew it was important to both of us that our business has a positive impact for our customers, our family of suppliers and the Yorkshire region we grew up in and love.


Above all else, we believe in always knowing exactly where your food has come from. All of our meat, poultry, charcuterie, fish, cheese, eggs, dairy, bread and our condiments are 100% Yorkshire sourced, from independent Yorkshire businesses who care about the quality of their produce. The availability of fresh fruit and veg grown in Yorkshire depends on the season, so we work with our supplier partners to make sure our recipes include as much Yorkshire grown fruit and veg as possible, whatever the time of year. If we can’t find it in Yorkshire then we always try to source British produce first.

The Benefits Of Cooking From Scratch

We love the fact that our recipe boxes encourage more people to cook from scratch more often – it’s widely acknowledged that preparing your meals this way is better for your health, as you avoid the hidden salt, sugar, and additives in processed foods, factory farms, ready meals and other convenience foods. Cooking is a mindful and creative activity, so can help reduce stress; it is also great for promoting time with loved ones as you’re more likely to want to gather everyone around the table if you’ve put time and effort into the food you’re serving. Learning new skills and techniques is also great for self confidence.

Supporting Independent Growers And Food Producers

Yorkshire’s reputation for producing some of the best regional food and drink in the UK continues to flourish and we are excited to be a founder member of the NFU North East’s Pride & Provenance campaign – promoting the strength and value of the agri-food sector in Yorkshire. We work with more than 60 independent, Yorkshire suppliers.

Reducing Waste

Recipe boxes provide you with the measured quantities of ingredients that you actually require, helping to reduce the 7.3 million tonnes of food waste produced in the UK each year. We’ve put a lot of time and effort into sourcing packaging that is recyclable, reusable, and/or compostable – including award-winning Woolcool insulated bags (made from sheep’s wool), and compostable Vegware portion pots made from plants not plastic. Our FAQs page gives more information on how to recycle, reuse, or compost our packaging.

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